WeTransfer Instructions

WeTransfer makes uploading a large set of files very easy. You may send up to 2 gigabytes with a single drop of a folder. Follow the instructions below to learn how!

1. Head over to WeTranfer

2. Compile files into a folder
Compiling all your files into one concise folder allows for a single drag and drop  option.
3. Upload the folder to WeTranfer
Click "Add your files" or choose "Or select a folder" if you are uploading a folder.
4. Direct the folder to info@thefoodgram.com
Once all items have been uploaded, add our email - info@thefoodygram.com -  to the "Email to" field.
5. Click Transfer!
Transfer the documents! Be sure to add any additional comments or instructions within the "Message" field before sending. If you have any additional questions or require assistance, feel free to reach us at info@theoofygram.com