How To Link Your Menu To Facebook

Follow this step by step process to add your Web Based Menu Link to you Facebook Page


Once you have your completed Web Based Menu link in hand, it essential you begin generating traffic to your page.

Follow this step by step guide to link your Web Based Menu to your Facebook page, and anytime someone searches you on Facebook, they will instantly be able to view your entire menu.

In order to do this, your account must be a business page, and not a personal page. Personal pages do not have website link information present.

For your convenience we have completed this guide for both desktop and mobile versions. Click the icon below that corresponds with the device you will be setting this up on.




Head To Facebook Page

  • Navigate to and click pages on the left hand side of your screen
  • Click on Your Businesses Page
  • On the left there should be a menu. Scroll down until you see Edit Page Info
  • Add your link to the section labeled Website. Make sure changes have been saved.

    If the box stating "My Page doesn't have a website is checked, please uncheck this box.
  • You're All Set!


Open Facebook App

  • Open your Facebook App
  • Select pages at the Bottom of the Screen
  • Click on Your Businesses Page
  • Scroll Down Until You See "About"
  • At the Bottom you'll see "Edit Page Info"
  • Click Website
  • Add your link and double check it saved successfully
  • You're All Set!