Advantages of a Web-Based Menu Your Customers Will Love

Advantages of a Web-Based Menu Your Customers Will Love

We remember the good old days of walking into a restaurant, with various aromas coming from the kitchen, assailing our senses, and making our mouths water.

These experiences have permanently imprinted themselves upon our minds and palettes, leaving us with happy memories, full stomachs, and your business with lifelong customers.

Ah, memories...

~Record scratch~

Fast forward to November 2020, where sitting at home is slowly transitioning from a permanent pastime to an Olympic event. The 3 meter lap around the kitchen being my personal favorite.

Yet, one thing hasn't changed and that's our desire for the food we would gladly wait in line for, but are now craving at home.

A web-based menu, designed to your standards and your customer's satisfaction is the perfect recipe to curb our pandemic hunger pangs from the couch, while also reminding us you're still alive and cooking!

In conducting a recent study, your customers gave us their honest opinions and told us exactly what they want.

Here is what we found


Menu Accessibility is Essential to Your Brand

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People are more likely to be pickier about their food choices nowadays. 

Which means they will want easier access to menu options and pictures to come with it.

A recent survey conducted by The Foody Gram shows that 81% of consumers believe it is beneficial to have access to a web-based menu.

These benefits include solidifying your brand and its credibility in the eyes and stomachs of your customers.

With this, even social distancing won't keep us from coming back for more delicious food.


Social Media Has its Limitations

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The entire world knows that social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are invaluable for getting your name out to the public, but that is not always true for the dishes you are known for.

57.6% of customers say that social media does not play a roll in deciding where to eat, and that's where your menu comes in.

Similarly, relying on external platforms such as Yelp as a form of representation takes the ownership of what customers see away from the business, and places your narrative in the hands of someone else. 

Your social media page helps us to remember your name, but your customized menu shows us who you are, and photos of your food is the story it tells. One that our taste buds will never forget.

Your customers know what they came in for because they know exactly what to expect, and your food is what lures them in.


We Want to Know What We're Ordering Before We Order It

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In our survey, a whopping 92.3% of consumers stated they prefer a menu with pictures of your food, and a further 80.7% stated they are more likely to order from a restaurant whose menu includes pictures of the entrees.

Safety concerns have also led to customers to being more cautious when it comes to ordering food from home. 

This is why a menu that is fully equipped with photos of your food will help alleviate those concerns, while overshadowing the menus without photos. 


We'll Probably Come Back for Seconds

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In a previous article "How Las Vegas Restaurants and Clientele Are Adapting to a COVID World," consumer opinion casts doubt on finding restaurants with both, good food and safe service amid the pandemic. 

Earning the trust of your customers is one of the major steps in building rapport with them and ensuring their continued business. 81% of consumers reported that they are likely to return to a restaurant whose menu included pictures.

Being able to order from a restaurant whose menu delivers exactly what we read and the food we see is a perfect way to assure your customers will continue to receive the same level of service from you, while fortifying your reputation with the patrons in your community.


Your brand and digital presence are the best investments you can make in your business. And with our Web Based Menu hosting service, we take care of it for you. We build, host, and manage your branded web based menu for your restaurant!

All for less than $20 a month.

Simply upload your menu, logo, and entrée images and we take care of the rest. Sign up today at The Foody Gram.


Written by Beatrix Whilde

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