Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Did you know that a staggering 88% of adults rely on technology to find restaurant information, such as location and opening hours? Additionally, about 70% of people browse menus online, and 54% order delivery or takeout directly from the restaurant's website. These trends highlight the importance of having a responsive website and an online food ordering platform that load seamlessly on any device, be it a laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile phone.

Unfortunately, many independent restaurants lack mobile-friendly websites, leading to missed business opportunities and inconveniencing their customers. A recent study discovered that 62% of consumers are less likely to choose a restaurant if they cannot read the menu on a mobile device. This is especially true for smartphone users, particularly Millennials and Gen Zs, who are more inclined to abandon a non-responsive website.

It's also crucial to note that Google updated its search algorithm in April 2015 to rank mobile-friendly sites higher than non-mobile-friendly ones in mobile search results. If your restaurant's website isn't mobile-friendly, it will fall in search engine rankings, potentially driving customers to your competitors.

Is having a mobile-friendly website worth it?

Considering the shift in customer behavior, the answer is a resounding yes. Your restaurant needs a mobile-friendly website with an online food ordering platform to cater to customers who prefer not to use third-party delivery apps.

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