The Foody Gram Introduces a Profit-Boosting Commission-Free Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Industry experts project that online food ordering will generate $220 billion in revenue by 2023, representing 40% of restaurant sales. Additionally, the restaurant-to-consumer online ordering segment saw a 20% year-over-year increase, with a user base of 760 million from 2022 to 2023.

As more customers turn to online ordering platforms for their food, restaurants need to utilize these platforms effectively to optimize their profitability. However, most digital ordering platforms charge commission fees, leaving restaurants struggling to maximize their profits. In addition, digital marketing agencies and commission-based websites often take a significant portion of online orders for their own profit, forcing restaurant owners to seek alternative methods to maximize their profits.

The Foody Gram recognizes the significance of cost efficiency for their clients, and thus, they have created a commission-free online ordering platform. This platform aids restaurants in maximizing their revenue without incurring additional costs. Signing up for the Foody Gram's commission-free online ordering platform is easy, and restaurants can start receiving orders within minutes.

By utilizing our commission-free online ordering platform, your restaurant can expand as it will be easier for customers to place orders and pay through their preferred payment methods. The Foody Gram's advanced order management system streamlines the entire process, reducing manual effort and ultimately saving you time, money, and resources.

Our advanced online food ordering software is thoughtfully created for both small and large restaurants, providing streamlined business operations. Moreover, our commission-free pricing model makes it easier than ever to start up or expand your restaurant without overspending on high initial investments.

Collaborating with us guarantees that you won't face commission fees, and you will always receive the full amount of your revenue. Join The Foody Gram today to maximize your profits and take advantage of the expanding online ordering industry.

To learn more about our commission-free online ordering platform and how it can benefit your restaurant, please give us a call at 702-827-1131. Alternatively, you can book a demo of our platform at We look forward to helping you grow your restaurant business.

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