Save Thousands With Custom Restaurant Delivery Software

The first ever food delivery was believed to have taken place in Naples, Italy to satisfy the cravings of King Umberto in 1889. Fast forward to 2022, and the food delivery industry has blossomed into a $26.5 billion dollar industry. 60% of surveyed Americans order delivery or takeout once a week.

As a restaurant owner, you could lean heavily on third party applications like Uber or Doordash to get your products delivered to consumers. But large commission fees, often as high as 30%, will eat into profit margins and leave you with little left over. Utilizing you own restaurant delivery software can help you keep your profits and manage deliveries yourself. Here are 3 features you’ll love about our restaurant delivery software.

  1. Set Your Own Fees

No two restaurants are created equally. Your restaurant delivery software needs to be flexible and configured to meet the needs of your business. The ability to set your own fees and charge customers accordingly is crucial to the success of your bottom line.

With The Foody Gram, you can set up your restaurant delivery software to charge your customers accordingly. Set custom delivery fees based on fixed or ranged costs. You can even set up specific zones you will or will not deliver to.

  1. No Drivers, No Problem

Don’t have your own delivery drivers? No problem. With our partnerships, you can tap into the Doordash and Uber delivery networks. When a delivery order is placed, we will automatically notify one of their drivers to show up and fulfill the delivery for you. You’ll save money by not having to pay commission fees and will pass the delivery fee along to the customer. Allowing you to save thousands of dollars in fees while continuing to offer a premium service at a high level. Your restaurant delivery software will save you money and provide your customers the services they desire.

  1. Fixed Cost Pricing

As a business owner its important to know what you are going to pay each month. Our restaurant delivery software is competitively priced with a fixed rate. Ensuring you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll pay. Starting at $95 a month, you will not find a better deal anywhere else. 24/7 customer support, Doordash and Uber delivery integration, and no commission fees are 3 competitive advantages you’ll have over the restaurant down the street.

Call The Foody Gram at (877) 762-1512 or visit our website to learn more. We can have your restaurant delivery software up and running in a few days or less. Don’t wait any longer and call now to get started.

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