How To Forward Your Custom Domain To Your Web Based Menu

The internet is a vast and introspective place. Here people flock to read articles, shop online, or find various places to eat.

If you have ever surfed the internet, then you have used a domain.

A domain is an identification string that acts as an address and tells the internet what website or webpage you would like to go to. With this information, we can surf the web to our favorite websites from anywhere in the world.

Custom Domains

A custom domain can help you stand out from the crowd. An example of a custom domain would be or Custom domains allow you to brand specifically to your business.

A non-custom domain would be a subdomain that piggy backs off a website provider or other webpage. Using the examples above, this might look like or; assuming you were using Shopify or Weebly to host your website.


Forwarding Your Custom Domain To Your Web-Based Menu

You can use custom domains to point customers to your content including a web based menu.

Owning a custom domain can help your business stand out from the crowd, be easily accessed, and be found via search engines like google.

They are also relatively inexpensive! Most “.com” domains can be purchased for roughly $12 a year.   

If you own a domain, but dont have a working website, you can easily point it to another website that has information about your business or even your Custom The Foody Gram web based menu.

Here are the steps to point a domain purchased through Google Domains

  1. Sign into Google Domains
  2. Select the domain you would like to use
  3. Click Website on the left hand menu bar
  4. Copy your destination domain
  5. Select “Forward to an existing webpage” and paste in the destination domain into the “Website URL” field


Did you purchase your domain through godaddy? Use these steps to forward a GoDaddy Domain:

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account
  2. Navigate to the Domain Control Center
  3. Select your domain from a list of domains within the domain settings page
  4. Select manage DNS
  5. Under forwarding, select Add next to Domain
  6. Under Forward To, choose https:// for The Foody Gram
  7. Enter the URL
  8. Under Forward Type select 301 redirect
  9. Select Forward Only under the Settings Section
  10. Save

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