Easily Switch to The Foody Gram Online Food Ordering System

Easily Switch to The Foody Gram Online Food Ordering System

Customers often prioritize convenience when choosing where to order food. If your restaurant still relies on phone calls or messages for online orders, you risk losing customers to competitors who offer a more seamless experience. Investing in a reliable online food ordering system, like The Foody Gram, can help you retain and attract customers.

Advantages of Online Food Ordering and Delivery Platforms:

During the pandemic, many restaurant owners signed up for online food ordering and delivery platforms to reach more customers. While these platforms may have been beneficial, they also charged steep commission fees. Some restaurants raised their prices to cover the costs, but this strategy can be risky and backfire. By switching to a commission-free online food ordering system like The Foody Gram, you can avoid these issues.


Why Choose The Foody Gram?

The Foody Gram was developed by a digital marketing firm to help restaurants expand their reach and attract more customers. It offers an easy way to manage pickups, pre-orders, deliveries, and reservations.

A one-stop shop to save restaurant owners time and money. If you need an update, you can simply contact their representatives for assistance.

With The Foody Gram, you can showcase visually appealing images of your dishes to influence customers' choices and highlight your restaurant's best offerings. This system provides the technology to create unique menu experiences while building brand awareness.

Getting Started with The Foody Gram

The Foody Gram offers no contract, monthly plans suitable for businesses of all sizes. To get started, reach out to them via email or text. You don't even need a website; The Foody Gram offers a web-based menu that can increase your online ordering traffic. If you have an existing website, The Foody Gram can be integrated with it.

No app downloads are required, as the web-based online food ordering system is accessible wherever there's an internet connection. The Foody Gram also provides a printing solution compatible with Windows 10, Android Tablets, and printers. Linking the online food ordering website to your social media platforms can help customers find you more easily.

To learn more about our commission-free online ordering platform and how it can benefit your restaurant, please give us a call at 702-827-1131. Alternatively, you can book a demo of our platform at www.thefoodygram.com. We look forward to helping you grow your restaurant business.

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