4 Tips To Taking Better Pictures Of Your Food

4 Tips To Taking Better Pictures Of Your Food

We have all heard the saying, “A pictures is worth a thousand words.” This statement cannot be truer in the restaurant industry.

Growing social media populations and increased smart phone capabilities have allowed us to share food with each other instantaneously. As a restaurant or food truck owner, it is imperative you take advantage of these platforms to increase your overall brand awareness.

Here are four simple tips to elevating your camera skills and producing amazing images of your food, without hiring an expensive photographer.

Use Natural Lighting

Food is a very colorful subject. And it is important you captures these colors accurately.

The use of artificial lighting can cause the colors of your food to be altered, confusing your consumers when they meet the dish in person.

The best way to capture these colors is with natural lighting. This can be accomplished by shooting outdoors on an overcast day or near a window!

Your Food Is The Star

Your food is what makes your restaurant unique. Don’t steal the show from your food with busy or colorful backgrounds!

The use of neutral colors in the background will cause the colors in the foreground to stand out.

Neutral backgrounds for food

The 3 main types of backgrounds in food photography are light, dark, and wood. You can use different backgrounds based on the color of you dish.

Darker foods tend to look better on dark backgrounds while light foods will look best on lighter backgrounds. A wooden background is good for almost all types of foods.

Angles Are Everything

Not all food is created equal. Use different angles to capture your foods "good side".

Foods that are plated, in a bowl, or tend to be flat are best shot from above.

Bowl of Ramen

Shooting foods from the side are best for drinks, deserts, or dishes that are served in a glass. You may also shoot from the side when you want to show the detail of the food, for example a burger or towering sandwich.

Pastrami Sandwich

Lastly you can shoot photos at a diagonal angle to showcase dimensions. This allows your food to be seen in a 3-dimensional view.

Sushi Rolls

Don't forget to capture your images on a neutral background, no matter the angle!

Let Technology Make It Easy

Technology was created to make our lives simpler. Utilizing an application that was created specifically for food photography can make the job much easier.

We recommend utilizing the Foodie - Camera For Life App. 

This app comes with tons of free filters specifically designed to capture food. It also has all the tools you need to make quick edits and adjustments on the fly.


Your food is what makes you unique and lures customers to your location. Taking photos that stand out and showcases your products is a sure fire way to appeal to more customers. 

Once you take photos of all your dishes, link them all in one place for your customers to easily access.

We take the hassle out of building, managing, and hosting your web based menu for less than the price of a large pizza. Sign up today and instantly appeal to more customers online!

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    I loved what you said about shooting from the side if you’re photographing desserts. My brother is planning on starting his cupcake food truck this year in the fall. I’ll share this article with him so he can get good promotional images for his truck! https://americanbuiltfoodtrucks.com/services

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