3 Steps To Increase Repeat Customers With An Online Restaurant Ordering System

One of the biggest challenges a restaurant faces today is turning first timers into repeat customers. Leveraging an effective marketing strategy along with your online restaurant ordering system can make all the difference. Not only will your online restaurant ordering system save you thousands in online ordering commission fees, but it can increase the number of customers who come back time and time again. Here are 3 stepsyou should take to increase repeat customers to your online restaurant ordering system.


  1. Build a customer database


With third party delivery apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub, you learn little to no information about who is ordering from your restaurant. Third parties don’t share this information with restaurants because if this information was available to restaurant owners, they wouldn’t need to use their services.


 With The Foody Gram’s online restaurant ordering system, you will be able to build your own customer database. Housing customer data from everyone who’s ever ordered through your system can help you offer special discounts based on order patterns. Within your customer database you will be able to collect your customers phone numbers, email addresses, number of visits to your site, and the total number of dollars spent at your store.


  1. Remarket Discounts And Offers To Existing Customers

Now that you have compiled your customer data into an easy to use database, remarket to them with special offers or discounts. Remarketing is very powerful because customers are already aware of your business. Email campaign, text messages, and flyers for foot traffic are various methods that can be used.


We can help you set up exclusive discounts and offers to your online restaurant ordering system. Not only will you increase sales to your store, but you’ll save thousands of dollars in fees. Sales coming directly to your platform gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly.


  1. Use Loyalty Programs and Create Customer Accounts

Loyalty programs will allow your customers to reach specific goals and further incentivizing them to return and spend money. With our online restaurant ordering system, customers can create their own accounts and track all their orders. Making re-ordering very easy and convenient for customers.


An online restaurant ordering system with its upsell module can also provide personalized menu suggestions based on past orders. Monitoring order patterns for transactions can be done through the online ordering system of your restaurant. This information needs to be used and will greatly increase the number of repeat customers you receive.


These 3 steps are proven to increase your repeat customers and help scale your business. Leveraging your own online restaurant ordering system will save you money, and make you money! Call The Foody Gram at (877)-762-1512 to learn more or get started!


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